Blue Charts

Software Picks Stocks And Cryptos

Our software will show you the best trading setups for highly profitable trades. It will also keep you out of losing trades more often due to our trend pattern recognition software. 

Why BlueCharts?


The concept is simple,
when the charts are blue
stay out and wait.


Blue Charts works on Stocks, Cryptos, Forex, Penny stocks and Foreign markets.


 20 plus years as traders and over 10 years on Blue charts research and development.

How does it work?

With Blue Charts you simply wait for the chart to change from blue to white. In this example you see the charts are blue and just going sideways. As soon as the charts change to white you see how the price takes off. You just simply look for trades with no blue.

Blue Charts is a complete Trading System

With Blue Charts, you will receive a complete trading system. What this means is you will learn the correct time to enter, how long to stay in and the precise moment where it is best to exit. 

Blue Charts Signals on the biggest trades

Blue Charts will signal on the biggest moves possible. In this picture we see the daily chart on (GME)Game stop. Blue Charts gave a buy signal around $35 a share and then price rallied to a high of $483 just 10 days later.

Blue Charts Signals on all the major cryptocurrenices

Blue Charts signals on all the cryptos as well. In this example we get the breakout signal after crossing the 45k mark and then the rally to over 65k three weeks later.

Blue Charts Signals even on smaller cryptocurrencies

In this picture we have a chart on the crypto Dogecoin. Both arrows represent when the charts changed from blue to white which signaled great entries

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Blue Charts is based on the platform so the first step is to have a free account with them. Once you send us your tradingview username we will provide you our 14 day free trial.

Yes, Blue Charts works for any stock, penny stock, crypto, forex pair, futures contract or any foreign stock as well. 

Yes, Blue Charts can be used in any time frame. It is best used for analyzing daily, weekly and monthly charts for swing trading.

Yes, included with your purchase we offer video instructions on how to use the Blue Charts trading system.

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