Blue Charts

About us

Dan Charles

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Trading and investing professional since 1998 and founder and developer of Blue Charts trading software. Dan is also a successful portfolio manager and trading coach having taught thousands of individuals his trading style and approach to being a consistently profitable trader. 

Simon Gewargis


Trader and investment advisor since 2001. Has led a team of 30 trading professionals to help formulate profitable EA trading strategies that saw over 30% gains yearly. 

Yang Lee


Quant financial trader, programmer, analyst and researcher with ten years experience developing multiple trading systems in various platforms.


Byron Shui


Expert Investment Quant, Data Scientist & Risk Researcher for over 12 years.  

Our Philosophy

Bluecharts philosophy is that trading and investing has a very high failure rate if you do not have the right tools to succeed. So we wanted to create a product that any person can use, whether a complete newbie to the trading world or a professional. 

 Blue Charts trading software is the best in the business, but as markets change or we come up with ideas for improving the system, we will always work to improve our software as we see fit, so this way you will always have the power at your fingertips to find the most profitable trades in any style of market.